Our 17-th JEWISH BOOK FESTIVAL is in full play. 
The meeting of DIASPORA Club has passed 
Also library stuff organized book xposition 
Children of Biblionanny listened the story 
An ABC with a tale written by R. Olshevsky.
Also are held: Literary Conference on 
Ihil Shraibman’s book Seven Days and Seven Month  
and matinee devoted to children writer and 
Winnie the Poo translator into Russin- Boris Zahoder.



Yesterday we had a great pleasure to meet some Israel guests. It were ex- actors of Jewish National theatre of Kishinau (KENT) : Anna and Rujena,the widow and the daughter of  KENT director Ruvim Levin; Susanna Bujaker, David Rabinovich, Ilya Davydov. Our children showed the scene named «A street of Rashkov», sang an Idish song . The guests donated to our library some books and wrote some words of gratitude in the Guests book: «After many years, we were very pleased to hear that there is a team of active people in the Kishinev, which continues Jewish traditions and customs, that nothing was forgotten an was not in vain! Thank you so much for this! We wish you happiness, the great health and success!»

Monument to victims of the Kishinev pogrom


«May the like of this never 
happen to you, all you who pass by»
                                                                                           Lamentations of Jeremiah

One hundred ten years since the pogrom that devastated Kishinev have done little to heal our wounds or assuage our grief. Although the history of the Jewish people in the XX-th century is replete with tragedy and disaster, including the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust, the days that shook the world in April 1903 remain a vivid, painful memory.
Why is the Kishivev pogrom, which was far from the first or the last attack on a helpless community in the blood-soaked chronicles of the Diaspora, so indelibly stamped upon our national consciousness? Was it an outburst of bestial anti-Semitism or a carefully planned attack? How could those who, only the day before, were on respectful and peaceable terms forget their humanity and slaughter their neighbors the next?...
The wide range of publications that record the Kishinev pogrom of 1903 compel us to bear our sorrow. We will never overcome the pain of these events, but will revere the memory of the victims of this tragedy and remain vigilant so that nothing like it will ever happen again.

Jewish library-Cultural Center «Itzyk Manger», together with the others Jewish Organizations of Moldova, took an active part in the events dedicated to the 110-th anniversary of the Kishivev pogrom, such as: International Symposium “Kishinev pogrom of 1903 and its impact on the Bessarabian’s and world’s society”, forum “For Youth and Understanding”, which was held in the 12-th of April. Library staff organized, also, the book exhibition Remember! Do not forget!




Summer Camp for children was opened in 1994  in  I. Mangher Library. It works yearly and represents the set  of cultural activities for summer vacations period. In addition, Summer Camp organizes different kind of activities for the children with disabilities.
In this program are used the whole library resources: reading rooms, library collections, dance classes, computer classes, theatre, gym class, arts studious.     We may also offer such forms of activities as : an hour of the storytelling, an hour of poetry, lections, discussions, matinees, contests, quizes, expositions, excursions. The main goal of the Summer Camp’s activity for summer period  is children free time organization. It bases on creativity  and communication development, on learning and obtaining of the knowledges, on aquaintance with  a book.Camp workes at the Library-JCC for children aged from 7 to 12, pupils of Chisinau Jewish schools. It works from 9.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. all working days except Saturday. Children are served one hot meal, and refreshment (water, juice, tea, fruit, buns) if necessary.  The main  slogan is -  Territory of Jewish Values”.
Thanks to the Summer Camp’s programs children (in different periods) visited: Historical Museum of Moldova Jewry, Bardar Ferm, Old Sinagogue in Olanesti(in the South of the Repulblic),where a classic of Yiddish literature Sholom-Aleihem stopped and lived several times. Camp’s guests also visited Soroca and Zgurita. Those trips turned to be the most impressive and interesting events both for children and teachers. The main goal was to visit former Jewish shtetls following the traces of Bessarabian Jewry.
Second session of the Camp was run under the slogan: “We are the same, we are the people” and was devoted to disabled children and orphans. The idea was to unite healthy and sick children of the same age and organize their work in one group on one subject. The session was organized for disabled children suffering of autism and infantile paralysis from the Center “Atentie” and an orphanage “A House of Gavrosh”.
June-July’2012 session included: city tours, museums tours. And the last but not the least – the Chief Rabbi of the Russian Federation Ber Lazar and the Chairman of the Russian Jewish Federation A. Boroda visited our Library.

Since 2003 in the Library-Cultural Centre activates the program The Book and the Library in spiritual adaptation of the children with disabilities, which includes aesthetical and educational directions, related with book. The main goal of this program is to help   the children with disabilities to overcome their complexes, to contribute to their rehabilitation, to engage them in the different kinds of creative activities, using the book and the Library.
The project was introduced by the Library, the Children Active Rehabilitation Center, and Motivation Association
The Library’s staff worked as volunteers.
Children with infantile cerebral paralysis and other locomotor disorders, are united in the groups ( 6-8 persons) according to their mental development and the language of communication ( Russian or Romanian). The method of the work with the children is learning by means of playing, so one of the main forms of working with them is – An hour of fairy tale and Story telling.
The therapeutic role of the fairy tales was proven  by the psychologists way back, because the main fairy tale’s idea is the act of transformation: «somebody, who was small and weak in the beginning, has turned into the strong, considerable person at the end of the story».
Writing and publishing of the fairy tale has become a great victory as for working with the children with disabilities (2003-2004).
Every week some propositions were recorded on the tape. Sometimes, after many of heated discussion, the fairy tale’s subject was changing.
The fairy tale from the tape was deciphered and processed by our librarians. As the result, the book named Fairy’s advices has appeared. The tale was translated into Romanian and English and published in 3 languages.
In 2004 the program took part on the grant contest organized by Soros Foundation, and won it!

Within the confines of this project, our partners are: Gymnasium N 3 for the children with intellect disorders, the kindergarten for the children with visual defects, Family-type orphanage, Rehabilitation Center Gavroche, Flacăra (The Spark) Center and Elada Center  for the children from dysfunctional families, Atenţie ( Attention) -Development and Social Rehabilitation Center.
 Recently, the program noticeably expanded its activities. Besides traditional forms of the work, such as An hour of fairy tale and Story telling, we also organize Library tours, dramatizations, concerts, art studio classes.
 A book for each family program contributed to organizing of the Libraries in several orphanages and rehabilitation centers.

Likewise, the Library staff and our readers help the children with disabilities with clothing and food.
We hope, new projects will help us to diversify our work in this direction.




Principal officer-Anna Batsmanova

4 Diorditsa A.
Kishinau 2005, PM
Fax: +373(22)211502
e-mail: mangher@hasdeu.md
Ytzik Manger Jewish Library was opened in 1991, February, 4. The Library offers its services to about 8000 persons per year, the number of visits are more then 135 000 per year.

The Library collection numbers more then 50 000 units in Yiddish,Hebrew,Romanian,Russian,English, etc. Over the years the Library-Cultural Centre  was visited by the guests from many countries of the world: USA,Israel,Russia,Brasil,Peru,France,Japan,Argentina,Romania,Ucraine,Georgia and so on.Three volumes of the book „The Library’s guests” tell us about it.   

From the very moment of its opening the Library colaborates actively with the different social organizations and funds: Soros Faundation, American Jewish Joint Distribution Сomittee(JDC), Alliance Francaise de Moldavie,International Women Club, Embassy of the United States, Embassy of Germany, Swiss Company ”Jewish Cultural Heritage in Europe”,

Jewish Congress, individuals and benefactors.

Mangher Libray-Cultural Centre’s mission is to provide free access to informational resources, to create the conditions for keeping and retranslation of documentary memory of Jewish people; to provide library services, aimed at organization and functioning of Jewish Informational; to offer a wide range of educational and cultural programs aimed at developing of Jewish culture in Moldova and establishing of the relationships between Jews and other ethnic groups which live in our Republic.

The services are:
  • Free access to Library collection for all reader categories;
  • Service in reading-rooms and books lending;
  • Organizing of the books exhibitions and cultural events;
  • The electronic catalog about Jewish studies  the blog named ”Ebraika”, issue activities;
  • Bibliographical activities: compilation of the calendar Jews in World Culture and History. Memorials.”; bibliographies, bio-bibliographies, booklets, bookmarks;
  • Bibliographical service of the readers: lectures,conversations,reviews;
  • Children service in the kindergartens, schools, lyceums, boardings; biblio-  therapeutic service of readers with disabilities;
  • Annual Jewish Book Festival;
  • Participation in citywide activities
In 1995 Manger Library got the status of Cultural Centre. So, the Library-Cultural Centre develops and introduces non-traditional forms of activities, such as:

  • Jews’ of Moldova Heritage Museum;
  • “Mama-Loshn” program (in Yiddish);
  • The program “A book for each family”;
  • The program “Jewish Kishinau” (individual, group and virtual tours and lectures)
  • Spiritual Adaptation Centre for children with disabilities;
  • Informational Legal Eduaction Centre for teens
  • Preschool Education Studio „Tsipor” (in Russian and Romanian language of learning)
  • „Biblionyanya” program (Librobabysitter);
  • Summer Creative Children Camp;
  • Arts studio „Gashraa”;
  • Children ceramic studio „Ya v mire” („ I explore the world”);
  • Jewish dance ensemble “Macor”;
  • Children theatre “Arlekino”;
  • Vocal ensemble „Halom”;
  • Odessa-city club;
  • Jewish artists club;
  • „Tovarish gitara”( „Fellow guitar”) bard club;
  • “Cognition” club;
  • “Diaspora” club;
  • Spoken English club;
  • Chess school;
  • Pilates. Psychical fitness system;
  • Kids aerobics

1.Service section: 
  • Adults subscription
  • Reading-room 
2. Children’s book section

3. Arts section

4. Foreign languages section

5. Rare books section

6. Informational-Bibliographic section

7. The section of aquisition andprocessing of Jewish literature


                                       THE LOST WORLD OF 

                                                Historical review

Our Library starts to realize a project of the teaching materials set on the history of the Basarabian Jews.The set will contain: a booklet, some illustrations and maps of trip, virtual tours around Chishinau and Balts. The project is supported by Holocaust Museum «Yad Vashem» ( Jerusalem).This set is destinated for teachers, guides, University lecturers; for everybody who is interested in the history of Moldova, culture and social life of national minorities of the Republic. Each booklet will be supplied with the list of recommended literature from I. Mangher Library’s collection.
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