12 ноября 2010 г.


 Global Day of Jewish Learning “The Talmud for Everyone” was held at the Jewish Library – Cultural Center on November 7, 2010. Students and Teachers of high schools from Belts and Chisinau, activists of Hillel Organization, representatives of Association of Holocaust Survivors, librarians and library’s patrons took part at the event.
The aspect of the Divine rule of this world was chosen for study. In the beginning the audience was given very short lectures on the essence, history, and structure of Talmud itself. Special attention was paid to the necessity of its translation into modern languages and to personality of Rabbi A. Steinzaltz.
Then the participants went on studying the texts of Talmud. The work was organized in a form of free dispute. In the course of discussion a certain link between Divine ruling of the world and Jewish history was made. The representative of JDC in Moldova Mickey Katziff was present at the event.
Olga Sivak
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