14 ноября 2010 г.

My Understanding of Holocaust

On November 7, 2010 the presentation of collected essays of the winners of Beltz Municipal contest “My Understanding of Holocaust” took place at the Jewish Library-Cultural Center Y. Manger. The annual Contest has been run in Beltz since 2007.
The presented issue includes 9 essays written by the students of Beltz High Schools in 2007-2010 illustrated by the pupils of the 7th form of “D. Cantemir” Lyceum from Chisinau. The project has been led by Inna Gortolum, teacher of history, Lev Bondari, head of the Jewish Community, from Beltz, and Eufimya Lepadatu, teacher of fine arts, from Chisinau.
Authors of essays and paintings, their parents, leaders of Jewish Communities of Moldova, members of Creative Summer Camp 2010, activists of Hillel movement, chairman of the Association of Ghetto Survivors RM and others were invited.
The speakers stressed that the Tragedy of European Jewry overstepped the bounds of Jewish Communities. The presented collection is of great value because it reveals the attitude of other nationalities and ethnic groups to Holocaust.
  Olga Sivac 

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